My 5 Favorite IDE Softwares You Should Try

Whether you`re a seasoned developer or just starting on coding, staying on top of the latest IDE is a challenge.

Truthfully, there are no one-size fits all IDE as everyone has varying needs.

IDE Softwares

However, I`ve rounded up my favorite IDE Software, which will work best for you. 

1) NetBeans

At the top of my favorite list of the IDE is NetBeans.

NetBeans is a popular IDE written in Java and is an awesome product for Java coding.

When it comes to java coding, NetBeans is a one-stop destination, as it supports the development of a variety of Java application types including;

• Java ME
• Web
• Mobile application

But besides inclusivity, I love using NetBeans because of its modularity. NetBeans is flexible, allowing me to extend it to third-party developers who can develop plugins for the product to enhance its functionality.

Alongside Java, NetBeans IDE also supports a host of other languages including PHP, C/C++, and HTML5.

Another pleasantry offered by NetBeans is that it`s a cross-platform product that allows me to run it on varying platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and other platforms that support a compatible JVM. Most importantly, however, NetBeans can also be used for cloud-based applications.

2) Atom

Having been released in 2014, Atom is the new kid in the block out of all my favorite IDEs I`m going to review.

A product of GitHub, Atom is increasingly becoming a popular editor.

I love the Atom, at least in part, to the fact that it`s an open source and entirely community driven.

This is to mean that I can contribute to the core development, provided I adhere to the guidelines. And because Atom is publicly hosted on GitHub, contributing is easy, especially if you`re familiar with Git repositories.

Another awesome feature I love with Atom is its broad catalog add-on library, with well over 6,000 packages. What this means is that I`m now able to stand a better chance of finding a package that will perfectly suit my tasks.

Finally, I love the fact that Atom has full support for projects as well as individual file editing.

Though it`s quite out of the box, Atom remains to be my favorite IDE that makes my WordPress configuration a lot easier.

3) Eclipse

Like the NetBeans, Eclipse is yet another free Java application, ideal for developers and programmer.

Again, like NetBeans, it`s written in Java and allows me to create multiple cross-platform Java applications for use on various platforms.

I love this product because it comes with integral features such as: 
• A Window Builder
• XML editor
• Git client
• CVS client
• Mylyn
• Integration with Maven

Alongside the above features, Eclipse also contains a base workplace with an extensible plug-in system that allows me to customize the product to suit my varying needs.

Through the plugins, for instance, I can develop applications in other languages including C, C, Ruby, R, and others.

Finally, though it`s not available in a dizzying number of platforms, it`s compatible with at least the common platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

4) IntelliJ IDEA

A product of JetBrains, IntelliJ is a free Java app that supports Java 8 and Java EE 7.

IntelliJ was purposely designed for use in Android Application development.

I love IntelliJ because of its lightweight design plus it contains a host of useful features such as:
• Code completion
• Debugging
• Visual GUI builder

Also, like all the best IDEs, IntelliJ supports a gamut of languages including AngularJS, HTML, LESS, Node JS, PHP, Python and more.

5) Android Studio

Android Studio is a product of Google.

I use Android Studio to develop the Android platform, but I can as well use this product to run and edit java codes.

I included this in my favorite list of IDE because it comes with expanded template support for Google services plus a rich layout editor, which supports theme editing.

Most importantly, it contains Lint tools which help in improving performance, usability, version compatibility, and troubleshooting issues for the ultimate convenience and ease of use.


There above is the list of the best IDE softwares. However, as you can see, your perfect choice will depend on an array of factors including your programming language, operating platform, and which platforms you wish to develop for.